Family Services

We help your spouse, partner or family join you in the UK.

Families belong together

If you are a British Citizen, have indefinite leave to remain, have refugee status, humanitarian protection or a work visa, there are options to bring your non-UK foreign national family or partner to the UK.

Family members, including an unmarried partner, children, dependent adult relatives and parents can apply.

Despite the travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, the UK still granted 109,886 family-related visas in 2020.

How We Can Help You

Applying for and obtaining a visa for your spouse, partner or family member can be a complex process, with multiple criteria to meet and no room for error.

Collingwood Immigration Services can help take the strain out of the application process.

We Will:

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We will tell you what you need to know in a way that’s easy for you to understand.


We promise to treat you as an individual and work tirelessly to prepare the strongest possible visa application for you.


We vow to support you through every stage of the immigration process and beyond in appeals and tribunals.

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